The 2020 Democrat Party platform is rife with gun controls that include an all-out ban on online ammunition sales and a push to require every state in the Union to license gun owners. The Democrats’ 2020 platform also continues a pledge to secure universal background checks, which have existed in California since the 1990s and are currently in place in New York, New Jersey, and other states rife with gun violence.Read More →


If you’re a NRA Member living in California, you should consider participating in your local NRA Members’ Council. They support the programs, policies and objectives of the National Rifle Association. I am proud to have been one of the very earliest volunteers and a past president of my local Members’ Council. Hosting programs like Women on Target instructional shooting clinics, voter registration efforts, educating gun owners about pending legislation, legal update clinics with NRA attorneys, monthly Members’ Council meetings all over the State of California, gun show NRA membership drives, community events and Eddie Eagle appearances – volunteers with the NRA Members’ Councils of CaliforniaRead More →

“The Second Amendment Protection Act” passed with a veto-proof majority in North Carolina on June 25th. Then Governor Roy Cooper (D) vetoed the legislation. The bill contained sensible gun law reforms related to concealed carry permits. Of course, the governor’s veto should have been overridden by the legislature. Instead… To uphold the veto, nine Democrats and five Republicans changed their vote. Dean Weingarten, The votes against overriding the governor’s veto (including absentees): Rep. Beasly, District 92 (D) Rep. Farmer-Butterfield, District 24 (D) Rep. John Sr., District 40 (D) Rep. Pierce, District 48 (D) Rep. Davis, District 4 (R) Rep. Elmore, District 94 (R) Rep.Read More →

If you pay federal taxes to IRS, your money is being used to fund the operations of gun control organizations, including using your money to help fund anti-candidates who are seeking election to destroy constitutional rights and take your guns. Apparently the Brady Campaign and the Giffords gun control group whined that revenue was down because of COVID so they needed money to pay their employees and received hundred of thousands of dollars of your tax money. Check out Dan Zimmerman‘s piece on The Truth About Guns.Read More →