“The Second Amendment Protection Act” passed with a veto-proof majority in North Carolina on June 25th. Then Governor Roy Cooper (D) vetoed the legislation. The bill contained sensible gun law reforms related to concealed carry permits. Of course, the governor’s veto should have been overridden by the legislature. Instead…

To uphold the veto, nine Democrats and five Republicans changed their vote.

Dean Weingarten, AmmoLand.com

The votes against overriding the governor’s veto (including absentees):

  • Rep. Beasly, District 92 (D)
  • Rep. Farmer-Butterfield, District 24 (D)
  • Rep. John Sr., District 40 (D)
  • Rep. Pierce, District 48 (D)
  • Rep. Davis, District 4 (R)
  • Rep. Elmore, District 94 (R)
  • Rep. Lambeth, District 75 (R)
  • Rep. Rogers, District 112 (R)
  • Rep. Yarborough, District 2 (R)

Weingarten later posted a correction saying, “[t]he five Republicans who were absent for the override vote were excused by the Republican leadership because they knew they were going to lose the override vote. The five are reliable allies in reforming NC gun law.”

Still – these legislators had their votes right the first time but chose not to “stick to their guns” by overriding the governor’s veto.

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