It is surprising for me to see how the most successful leader the NRA has in its history – who is responsible for more successes in the protection of our 2nd Amendment rights – is being maligned by vaunted names in journalism like the Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post. Over the years, he has brought billions of dollars into the organization to keep it strong and to successfully fight gun control schemes by billionaires like Bloomberg and Soros and politicians like Clinton and Obama, yet he is attacked for a salary that is smaller than what both for-profit and non-profit organizations that are comparable in size pay their leaders.

A true American hero — Wayne LaPierre

Ask yourself this fair question: what is the real motive for the attack by so called like minded people? Perhaps this attack is by people who have never been involved in the large corporate world and who fail to have an understanding of the nature of what it takes to do this job effectively. Could it be that they have ulterior motives? Is this an attempt along with some of the other attempts to elevate themselves personally into the organization? One is left to question why?

There are plenty of interest groups in DC.  Sure, they have different tax designations.  But, in the end, they all do the same job: protect the interests of their constituents – whether its petroleum, seniors, businesses big or small, chemical companies, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals…you name it.  Why don’t we research how much money these people make?  Then, lets compare how much easier – or harder – their job is compared to leading the NRA and protecting our Second Amendment rights.

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